Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I am still alive

Hi everyone. No, I haven't disappeared. Nor have I fallen off a cliff or been abducted. The main thing that has changed is my clothing has been on a lot more than usual, and I have been wearing my glasses and free of makeup these past weeks (or maybe months by now). And I have been speaking in Spanish rather than English.

In addition to my modeling hiatus, I have taken to journaling elsewhere as my journey has been much removed from my model life. This separation is more an effect of the fact that I have encountered few photographers here, because believe me, I have been hankering to do photos in some of the outrageously beautiful places I have driven, hiked and biked by.

In Samaipata, a pueblo a few hours from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, I was studying quietly in a corner and bumped into a group of photographers. Turns out that this group of people discussing their gear excitedly and drinking beers was in town for a workshop and were mainly from Europe. They were there to work on people photography primarily as they all worked with press. A two minute conversation which stretched on for half an hour led to us setting up a photosession the next day. The natural environment where we were was gorgeous, but we were restricted with a one hour time limit (because of their strict schedule) and ended up shooting in the yard of a hostel/restaurant. About 7 or 8 photographers each took turns directing as they had their first experience with a nude model. The energy was good, even if a bit hectic. The results will not show off the typical Bolivian environment like we had originally hoped, but everyone learned a little bit from this spontaneous experience.

I have been invited to model in Cuba and Miami with two of the photographers and might finally make my way to Florida in 2014 as it is about time. As for Cuba - that, too, is tempting. But for now I shall continue my South American journey.

Photos by Christobal H
Samaipata, Bolivia - April 2013