Saturday, November 26, 2011

Light painting

Photographed by Brett
Queensland, AUS - November 2010

Instant coffee cannot truly be considered coffee, but mixed with a bit of milk, the warm, sweet, coffee-like flavor has become a familiar experience to me while in Australia, staying with people who typically do not drink the caffeinated beverage or choose to purchase the milky flat whites from corner cafes. I am enjoying my second cup of the morning (so it may be noon - morning and afternoon is all relative) and liken my experience to that of a beverage half way between a chalky-rich hot cocoa and a real coffee.

The weather has been uncooperative here in Australia; less than the balmy to warm as I had hoped for, rain and overcast skies have been a continue part of my experience. Today I take a trip to the Snowy Mountains (which currently do not have snow) with a photographer I met at Zoefest last year, Brett. I hope the wind and cold will be to a minimum. Originally light painting and shooting with stars was part of the agenda, but between weather issues and a broken camera, the plan has changed. Two zoefests ago, Rebecca Lawrence and I shot with Brett and did some light painting, but not with stars.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Photographed by Rob Randall
Raleigh, North Carolina - September 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! Australians do not celebrate Thanksgiving as people in the United States do, but Thanksgiving has always been an important holiday in my family and I find myself feeling incredibly thankful for these past years of my life.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Photographed by Ken Prevette
ABQ, New Mexico - October 2011

Still on US time, I woke at 5:30 am for a shoot that had to be postponed due to weather and proceeded to cook breakfast and plop myself down on a couch with lightroom, the internet and Season 1 of Mad Men. Perhaps not the best use of my second day in Sydney, but I'm content. I feel being able to sit and enjoy simple pleasures, rather than feeling pressured to constantly tour around, is part of the nomadic lifestyle as opposed to a tourist lifestyle. Yesterday I took a ferry to Cockatoo Island and photographed the artwork and installations that are currently exhibited, as well as the permanent structures of the place.


Photographed by David Gilliver
Melbourne, Australia - Spring 2011

Today, the weather controls all.

time change

Photographed by Kris Rodammer
Boston, MA - Spring 2011

Between a few flat whites (coffee!), a photo exploration and ferry ride, upbeat music, grilled vegetables and scotch, I've managed to stay awake and energetic until now (9:23 pm) despite the fact that it is probably obscenely late back in California where I was a day and a half ago, but now I am starting to crash.

I'm not convinced my body is thoroughly happy after being cramped on a plane for so many hours, but tomorrow's morning shoot will tell.

Monday, November 14, 2011

good day

Photographed by Robert Triboli
Sacramento, CA - November 2011

I smell onions and tofu cooking on the stove and have homeroasted coffee in my belly...

My previous two weeks in the bay area have been a perfect balance of relaxation, work and play. My good friend Rebecca Lawrence stayed this past week, and learned that the West coast may be pretty awesome, at least up until midnight.

Sometimes I joke about how my job is to be pretty and creative, and to withstand the cold. The weather is always unpredictable in the bay area, and Robert and I were worried about our plans to shoot outdoors during our shoot the other day. Our backup plan never came to fruition, as we braved the cold all morning (the locations were well worth a dose of chill) and shot in the guest bedroom until dinner.

Onwards to even warmer places...(Australia!)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Photographed by Jose Cordova
Dallas, TX - October 2011

Shooting topless across from a Texas police station, and being able to see stationed cop vehicles surrounding the location, makes for a slightly perilous shoot. (Take note of the cop truck directly in my line of sight)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Too many options

Photographed by Chip Bulgin
Baltimore, MD - Fall 2011

The concept of a home is very appealing to me. But my plans to run around the southern hemisphere may interfere.

Friday, November 4, 2011


This morning I was playing dress up - I had on a pair of white panties.

Photographed by Doug Earle
San Antonio, TX - October 2011

High contrast

Photographed by ProDigiArts
Maryland - September 2011

Photographed by sn7photo
Maryland - September 2011

I'm rather keen on high contrast. And a great environment to shoot in. Now that I am back in the Bay Area though, shooting outside might leave us with a few too many goosbumps in our photos.