Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And I return...

I am a person who sees the good in people and have continually had this belief confirmed. I met a woman at a hostel in Mendoza and ended up traveling to the mountains with her for a few days. I stayed in the home with a few people in Cordoba, and they lent me a tent, which allowed me to visit areas I would never have otherwise been able to visit. I decided trekking 8 km in the peak of the day was better than waiting a few hours for a bus, and by km 6, I was offered a ride.

People are good. So is life.

I am ready to add more art of the photographic variety to my life again.

San Francisco: February 3 - 13
Seattle/Portland: February 14 - 23
Boston: February 24 - 28
NYC: February 28 - March 10

Houston: March 11 - 23
Austin/San Antonio: March 24-27
Dallas: March 28 - 31
Arkansas: April 1 - 5
Mississippi: April 6
Alabama: April 7 - 9
Tennesee: April 10 - 12
Atlanta: April 13 - 17

(Dates are 92.37% correct and I will be continuing west after Atlanta.)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Photographed by Eric Hiss
San Francisco, CA - Winter 2010
Doors are made to be opened.
Windows to be peered through.
Lives to be known.
To be lived.
To be learned.
I am still in Argentina. Days are filled with much solo exploring, nights filled with cerveza, fernet, and chatting in Spanish.
Keeping me grouned is the planning process for my return to the US and my art modeling travels. (Yes, I am coming back.) I am in the process of booking my 2011 schedule. I hope to see you all this year.