Friday, March 23, 2012

Meet me in Memphis

Photographed by Dunlap Photoart
Memphis, TN - March 2012

I recently learned that Memphis abounds with great buildings to shoot in. Photographer Tommy Dunlap brought me to an incredible building he had spotted while driving on the freeway. The location was amazing and I got to do one of my few completely clothed shoots.

So thrilled by the location and lighting, after the shoot, I headed back with a fresh memory card and battery, dragging along the friend I was staying with. Instead of using a tripod (I don't have one on this trip), I put my friend in the role of photo assistant, with me setting up the shot and him in charge of the shutter. Perhaps not a perfect method, but it was an entertaining exercise in photography. My introduction to assisted self-portraits came to an end when I spotted amazing light and ran towards it camera in hand, ignoring the broken glass everywhere. Moments later, yipping like a sad puppy, I had to pull out a shard of glass that was lodged in my foot (thank goodness for long nails), and decided to go home, shower the dirt off my face and body and enjoy the cleaner sides of Memphis (a meal at Itta Bena).

Turns out my friend in Memphis has some good connections for shooting spaces, so if a photographer in the general area wants to meet me somewhere in the south sometime, I could supply a neat location for shooting.

Self-portraits assisted by Jay in Memphis

Friday, March 16, 2012

On the Road

Photographed by RJW Photography
Poteet, TX - March 2012

I am finally listening to the audiobook of On The Road.
As I watch my scheduled shoots for next week fall out from under me and the price of gas leap up, I'm hoping to at least turn my experience on the road this next week into something more reminiscent of my original travels.


On a side note, does anyone have a safe place to leave a car in the Boston area for about a month in June (in exchange for ample modeling time). I jump over to Europe in June, after touring the East coast in May. I might be traveling sans car while in DC - Boston as an alternate option. (So many things to consider as a traveling model).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Photographed by Scott Dial
Poteet, TX (home of the Strawberry Festival) - March 2012

The question of my most bizarre or exciting shoot comes up frequently. This week, if I were to answer, I would have to say my shoot in a casket, in a hearse by far wins. There will be more pictures to come, but this is our rendition of the fallen casket. Besides the stinging needles I kept stepping on when out of the comfy casket, it was a thrilling day. When I tell people I am into a variety of ideas, and like funky ideas, I'm not kidding.

By the way - I am currently touring the south. If you are in the general vicinity and want to shoot, I'd love to hear from you.

Friday, March 2, 2012

First Friday Art Walk

For those of you who may be alarmed by my 'stache in the previous post...I have returned to my "normal" self. :) Tonight is the First Friday Art Walk in Oakland, which is held rather nearby to me and only on the first Friday of each month. I am rarely in town for this event, so tonight I'm going to stop playing with photos and go see some art in person.


Home studio

I found myself with a bit of extra time this evening, and had my own photographic fun. I officially can set up my home studio completely on my own, and can turn myself into a bit of a dude. Now to figure out how to make my tripod work better vertically and I can deck myself out in awesome wardrobe to finish off the look.

Photographed by yours truly
Home studio in Oakland (Come by and you can shoot me here)

Road Trippin'

Behind the scenes photos from a shoot last summer with J Clark and Melissa Trout

My road trips will commence again next week!

8 - 11: Houston
12 - 13: San Antonio
14 - 16: Dallas
17 - 19: Little Rock, Arkansas
19 - 21: Memphis, TN
21 - 22: Birmingham, AL
22 - 24: Chatannooga, TN
25 - 26: Atlanta
27 - 29: Knoxville/Asheville
31 - April 1: Raleigh/Greensboro, NC

San Francisco/San Jose
April 12 - 17: Seattle/Portland

April 27 - 29: North Carolina
April 30 - May 1: Virginia

May 2 - 9: Washington DC/Baltimore
10 - 11: Philadelphia/Allentown
11 - 21: NYC
24-25: Connecticut
26 - 30: Boston