Monday, April 30, 2012


Photographed by Andrew Kaiser
Portland, Oregon - April 2012

I feel I have been neglecting my blog lately and focusing on my tumblr instead. To me, Tumblr is the twitter of photos, and I have never been a fan of twitter, so my posting so many photos there almost seems wrong to me. 

This photo was taken after Andrew and I had finished our shoot and hopped in the car to head back. We decided the light was just too perfect to ignore it, so while I ripped off my clothing, he unpacked his camera and we took a few quick photos before the light ducked behind the trees and a car came wizzing down the parking lot road of where I should not have been so openly nude. I enjoy the fact that there is a cow in this photo. 


Photographed by Felix Martin
Portland, Oregon - April 2012

I'm not certain what is going on in this photo, but something about it jumps out and grabs me. I was told the background is from a photo from the Portland Museum of Art. Looking at this photo makes me feel like I am looking at a version of myself pinned to a wall like an insect specimen at a natural history museum. Read into that what you may.

I have been waking up at 5 in the morning lately, after going to sleep at 2 in the morning. My body schedule needs to sort itself out or my current coffee addiction will become horrific. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Body Double

Photographed by Daniel
Models: Keira Grant and Mauvais
Oakland, CA - February 2012

I found my body double in the east bay of the San Francisco area. Our legs are the same length, our torsos equally tall as well, and from the toes to the top of our head we are the same heigh. We both have pretty small chests and a bit of art model shrubbery. We are both rather pale skinned and the hair on our heads - curly brown. :) The great thing is that not only is Mauvais an awesome model, but she is cool, too. These photos are from our introductory shoot at my Oakland studio. Since then we've worked together a couple more times and have learned that together we have very few personal space boundaries when it comes to creating good artistic images. 

Last week she and I had one session of figure work at the end of a day of goofy, awesome shooting. We fought over cleaning a man's public restroom, had a fake fist fight, streaked over a bridge, flashed oncoming traffic from a bridge, played chess in a cemetery and pushed each other around in a wheel chair, and licked each other's ice cream while strapped in the back of a car. 

I'm about to head out of town again, but will be around the San Francisco area in August. I would love to do more shoots with her when back. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Photographed by Lisa Jupiter
Sacramento, CA - April 2012
Models: Keira and Kitty

Human interaction is a dance.
Thus stands to reason that modeling with another individual is a dance. These dances are not always elegant or smooth, and sometimes this lack of grace is intentional.
The opportunity to model with someone who has no fear of crossing boundaries and is confident in their own power and who is willing to put themselves in your space and at your trust is rare and beautiful experience.

Photographed by Robert Triboli
Sacramento, CA - April 2012
Models: Lisa Jupiter and Keira

Sunday, April 1, 2012

a spoonful of teeth

A week has passed since my last blog, and as the hours and days turned I told myself I needed to update my blog, but photographing beautiful women, being photographed myself, driving, socializing, eating, posing for painters, posting on tumblr and facebook, sleeping and hiking have kept me busy, happy and away from Mr. Blogger.

Now I am in Raleigh, North Carolina with a house all to myself and a few gloriously quiet mornings to drink coffee, do laundry, tap on my key board and lounge about in the nude before getting prepared for my afternoon and evening shoots. The house is not lacking in coffee, chocolates or wine, but until I head to the grocery store, my meals will be less than balanced. I will set things right soon.

While staying in Oakland I was completely convinced being home frequently and limiting my road trips was the practical and good thing to transition, but since I've been on the road, I've been reminded how many friends I now have scattered all over the United States. Once again I have seen how wonderful being able to stop in a city or town long enough to see them and take a breath of fresh air (as I did in Asheville this past week) rather than work and hurry on to my next destination. On this previous trip to Asheville I was afforded the luxury of spontanaeity with my art making. My photographer friend Arthur Pearsall was having his portrait done by artist Marsha Hammel and had wanted me to be in the portrait with him as the nude model he was photographing. From this meeting, she and I arranged a session the next day and went thrift shopping. (Her work is very popular in the UK and can be viewed here: Arthur is keen on atypical ideas that are not for everyone, but thrill me (our shoot involved baby dolls, a clown, rotten teeth, chopsticks...).

Photographed by Arthur Pearsall
Hendersonville, NC - Summer 2011