Saturday, March 21, 2015

Turning heads. Or not.

My body had fallen apart. My limbs were not flying around the room, disconnected and free like a dissected Barbie, Power Ranger or erector set.  I did not need to pick up small pieces of myself from the floor. Instead, my parts had been glued together with extra strength glue, screwed together tight; too tight to move. 

Photographed by Michael Martin

We often take for granted our health and mobility until we experience a spell where we can no longer do the simple motions we have grown accustomed to doing. I have struggled with body pain for years now, and occasionally push through my schedule by medicating with Ibuprofen and stubbornness. When in peak form, I revel in my ability to climb, bend, hold strong poses and present myself as not only a model but as an athlete. I am nimble, daring and going to create the best art I can. Some days an extra dose of caffeine and willpower is what helps me through difficulties.

I stretch regularly to stay healthy and flexible. Hot showers are one of my favorite things and conveniently serve as a way to relax stressed muscles, meaning a long shower is not just being luxuriant but a necessary treatment. Last summer my body was in fits after a couple of busy months - I was all knotted up and almost in tears when not actively modeling.  Sometimes the stillness of standing or sitting hurts far more than when focused on physical movements, so I never stop.  One intensely hot day, I went on a walk and stumbled upon We Heart Massage Co-op  and scheduled a much needed massage. Now I swear by Massage by Gregory, who is magical and “fixing me,” and is part of my body maintenance program when back in Houston.

I was unable to turn my head much and dreaded the prospect of putting my travels on hold for a month of chiropractor appointments, as I was advised. Fortunately, my second opinion was someone referred to me by Gregory the masseuse, and after a visit with Dr. Greg Green of Green Chiropractic, I had regained much of my former self. Right now, I can look to my left and see a guy working on his computer with a cup of coffee, and turn right to see a cute girl in an overly see-through blouse sipping on juice and studying, all without moving my body. This may not seem like much, but just last week, I would have needed to twist my entire torso.

I do not know if my recent issues are because growing older truly means our bodies become more difficult, or if I am putting extra stress on my body with my modeling.  I believe my neck problems were due to a combination of emotional and physical stress from the environment I was in, driving in the snow, and a few unlucky torques to my body. Bending over and putting extra weight on my head as I pose is not exactly a natural position for our spines. Either way, I am glad to know I have a few resources available to help keep me in alignment as I continue to push myself to create the best art I can do, always.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Choose Your Life

While I am an art model who writes, my friend Katja Gee is a writer who models. Or, we are both people who art model and write, and do a myriad of other things.

Katja has a blog which discusses specific concepts, ties them to her life experiences and offers perspective, encouragement and insight.  Her invitation to be a guest blogger forced me outside of my usual whimsical and disorganized stye of writing, and reminded me about deadlines, the editing process and fitting within the format of others' expectations.

After much agony and inspired by a few recent conversations, I wrote about my choice to be a model, and peoples' power to add the life experiences that they desire.

Hop over to Katja Gee's blog to read this week's blog written by none other than me: Click here to read this entry "Choose Your Life," and her other writing.

Photographed by TLGEE

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Me, intimidating?

These two girls are the same girls as in the photos below.

On a few occasions, photographers have told me they are intimidated by me.

Since I began modeling six years ago, I have learned a few things about creating strong images. My personality is not one that allows me to slop through life; in anything worth doing, striving towards skill and success is necessary. Usually enough hours of properly directed work will result in improvement, and I now feel fairly confident as a model as one should after dedicating five full years towards learning this art. I like to believe my portfolio reflects this, and perhaps some people see this. Yet, as an artist who strives towards continual growth, I will always expect myself to be better.

When working with experienced photographers, I aim to rise to their expectations and create amazing art. With newer photographers, my experience and knowledge combined with their passion should still make good images, or at the least, be a way to step forward in the path of learning and improving.

When I look at these snapshots of myself, I quietly smile. Me, intimidating?  I may be an experienced and dedicated artist, but I am still just me.  These photos are of me lodged between two beds in a hotel, before and after pushing my friend in, too. I mean, who does this and would you really have any reason to be intimidated by her?

The KG Duo
Models Keira Grant and Katja Gee

(And you may note, I am still here with Blogger. Google relented on their policy about nudity after outraging many people.)