Thursday, September 30, 2010

Project Red Socks

Photographed by Rayzor Bachand for Project Red Socks
Staten Island, NYC - Fall 2009

A year ago I worked with a photographic team for a project that raises money and awareness about HIV/AIDS. Project Red Socks features strong women in their environment with nothing but red socks on. I support this.

I have realized exercising keeps me exceptionally happy. I'm sure my lifestyle and frame of mind contribute, too. Off to the park for some vitamin D and stretching.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reliability and Variety

Photographed by Looknsee Photography
Portland, Oregon - September 2010

There is something to be said for good and reliable. I have shot with Jon three times now, and each shoot has started in this perfect little corner in his home. Of course, experimentation is a beautiful thing as well. This Crumb-esque photo was the result of a bit of photo play. There were some less quirky photos from this bizarre camera angle, but how often does my hand get to be bigger than my head and semi acceptable?

To continue the sentiment that was expressed all week while shooting out in Munising, Michigan (a place I had no idea was even Michigan until I arrived and reconsulted google) - I like variety. The familiar or the new and exciting, I welcome variety into my life. But I imagine that much is obvious from any conversation with me or glimpse at my photos.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Not now

Photographed by PJ Reptilehouse
All done in camera
Oakland, CA - August 2010

Back in Texas.
Time to regroup.
I need to write a blog entry, I am far too behind.
But with thoughts piling up like pandemonium, conversations directed at me and Shostakovich playing on the radio, now is not a time when I possess this ability.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vegan Strip

Photographed by Gary Breckheimer
NYC - July 2010

Random anecdote.

Since my first trip to Portland I have been hearing about some "vegan strip club." Although I have always figured the only gimmick that was "vegan" would be the food, I envisioned art model types with pubic hair and maybe an occasional person with armpit hair dancing around stage. I was finally able to convince my friend to take me, figuring we could play some pool on the lone pool table advertised (straight female friends generally have no desire to be in such places at all), and found myself disappointed. There were no cue sticks, no shrubberies and only a short, greasy menu of vegan items.


Photographed by Jene Youtt
NYC - July 2010

Fearing the worst in regards to energy level after burning man and having a great home to stay in while in the area, I scheduled a leisurely schedule over many days in Portland for this past week. As it turned out, I was immediately refreshed after burning man since I slept a reasonable amount while there (I'm a responsible gal like that, and have found it keeps me healthier and happier). My one-shoot-a-day schedule gave me plenty of time to enjoy the pockets of cuteness that Portland has to offer, go to the gym, shoot pool, eat great food and spend time with my best friend. I had some really great shoots on this trip, finally connecting with photographers and artists I have talked to for over a year now, shooting with old friends and working with new photographers in the area. I envision a return to the area in February.

Today I take the train to Seattle. This will mark my first trip to Seattle, ever.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Michelle 7

Banner by Michael Randazzo
Michelle 7 sets in 2010

This month I have a set of photos with Michael Randazzo up on Michelle 7 on the fine art side of things. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bring me back

Photographed by Carlos Torreblanca
San Jose - August 2010

The burn is over.
My break is done.
Back to the grind.
There's work on my mind.


Burning man far exceeded my expectations, and yet, I came into the event without any. I had heard details and seen video clips, but the true magnificence could not be understood without the experience itself. "Art party in the desert," would be the simplest way of putting it, but this is obviously vague. I have now been turned on to acroyoga and contact improvisation, and hoping my life continues to be free next year so I can return.
I was high on the experience rather than the documentation, but will post some photos and excited ranting soon.

Burning man was introduced to me once I started modeling, and the need to go was solidified by nonstop burn talk by photographers Andrew and Matt in Portland. The generous John Whiley and Andrew Stamp made the trip possible - inviting me into their camp "The Tribe," and their RV. The extent of my gratefulness is huge. Thank you.