Friday, September 30, 2011


Caged - Scan of Wet Plate
Photographed by Marcus Ranum
Middle of Nowhere, PA - August 2011

After a full weekend of shooting at the Nudes In Nature workshop in the Maryland area and a few too many encounters with allergens, I am officially exhausted. I was also modeling for hours in my dreams last night, which seemed a little bit unfair of a way to "rest."

Between a damp and moldy hotel room, shooting in a bin of moldy corn cobs (but the location was really cool looking!) and a friend who encouraged me to eat a hot sauce at a Peruvian restaurant that had peanuts in it (he promised me it was peanut free as I asked him repeatedly), my immune system is not very happy.

I spent yesterday with my favorite dentist in Asheville, doing absolutely nothing that resembled work.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Photographed by Kevin Stiles
CT - September 2011

I ordered a cup of coffee at a corner store in not the nicest of Brooklyn areas. I was asked, "regular?" and said yes. When a cup of cream, sugar and coffee was handed back to me I told them to fix it. "You said 'regular,'...everything regular has sugar in it," the guy at the counter told me with disdain. I had to bite my tongue.

The second and third photo here looks rather normal, but what you cannot tell is that I am wedged between two large rocks and leaning upside down. Getting to come up with wacky ways to integrate myself in nature for photographs is very much a thrill to me. The bee that came buzzing around me while stuck in this position, however, was as unwanted as the sugar put in my coffee earlier today. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Photographed by Warren Hukill
East Bay, CA - July 2011

I am in need of some pretty lingerie for an upcoming shoot, but as someone who hates shopping and does not often wear such things, and who is slightly less busty than the sizes at Victoria's secret, I'm at a loss on how to obtain such things. This is probably a Keira specific problem.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Photographed by Anthony Alberts
Edited by me
Brooklyn, NY - Summer 2011

I'm in the NYC vortex.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Schedule update

Photographed by Marcus Ranum
Middle of Nowhere, PA - August 2011

Time for the schedule update:

NYC: September 13 – 23 (and the surrounding region - public transportation is my friend)

Nudes in Nature Workshop: September 24 – 25 (Check it out! Still booking)

DC: September 26 - 27
Asheville: September 26 – 30
Atlanta: October 1 – 4
Tennessee: October 5 – 7
Arkansas: October 8?

Dallas: October 10 - 11
San Antonio/Austin: October 12 - 13
Houston: October 14-19

New Mexico: October 19 - 22
Mexico: art vortex

San Francisco/San Jose/Sacramento: November 1 - 14
Australia: November 17 - December 12

San Francisco/San Jose/Sacramento: December 14 - January ?

South America: January - ..... (I don't even know)


During those stretches of San Francisco time I can be talked into going somewhere else if booked for a day and flown. :)


Photographed by Walter Glover
Sydney, Australia - April 2011

The current issue of the online PHMagazine has an interview with me and interviews with about a dozen other nude models. Check it out at


Photographed by Michael Cary
Baltimore, MD - August 2011

When I was little I was known to hide in my closet, or rather, to hang out in my closet, which I believe is called neurotic. When I was tiny I removed the entire contents of drawers and sat in the empty space, which is called extra work for mom. As an art model I find grungy dressers, knock them over and pose in them, a photographer documents this, and we call it art.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Photographed by ImagZen
Thurmont, MD - August 2011

Yes, the placement of watermarks makes a huge difference.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Photographed by Candace Nirvana
Boston, MA - June 2011

I'm a little teapot short and stout...

Random fact of the day:

"Clarence Kelley and his wife ran a dance school for children, which taught the "Waltz Clog", a popular and easy-to-learn tap routine. This routine, however, proved too difficult for the younger students to master. To solve this problem, George Sanders wrote The Teapot Song, which required minimal skill and encouraged natural pantomime." [Wikipedia] Hence became the teapot song in 1939.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Photographed by Candid Vision
Morristown, TN - Spring 2011


Photographed by Tom Albano
Frederick, MD - August 2011

When I was younger I didn't understand why everyone liked horses so much more than goats, cows and pigs. People seemed to love horses and yet, they hated these other animals except for when it came to them serving as a food source. So I had to be contrary, and I disliked horses. I have since then welcomed reason in my life, and horses. Horses are rather amazing creatures.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Photographed by Daniel
Portland, Oregon - August 2011

Photos don't get any more natural and relaxed than this.