Monday, July 30, 2012

Little Car

Photographed by Stefano Brunesci
Bath, England - June 2012

You may have heard through the grapevine that my car is having issues. And with no car, I have no home on wheels. Fortunately she'll be fixed extremely soon if all goes according to plan and my schedule will have only had a week long hiccup which was remedied through a rental car and an expensive plane flight. All in all, I'm just grateful to find out the problem is something covered under an extended warranty (a cracked engine block is no small repair job or fee) and that she did not explode or break down in the middle of nowhere. I'm also reminded of how many lovely friends I have made over the years of traveling the United States, and appreciate all the help offered to me.

On a side note, my cars have always been woman. I have only had two. One was little, "Putt-Putt," a white '94 Honda Accord. My current car is another Honda, but she has no name. She's a good, little girl and takes me where I need to go, and is patient as could be when I leave her for months at a time in Texas, North Carolina and once in Rhode Island.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sfumato with George Krause

A couple of years ago I had the chance to work with George Krause in Houston as part of his Sfumato nudes project. The box of light he had built for his photography was impressive and his general shooting manner and personality enjoyable. And of course, he photos are truly lovely. Recently this video was forwarded to me. I found it interesting, and of course, I always enjoy seeing the end result of a project I am involved in.

This video is a private listing, so I was unable to directly post here, but you can view the video through the link.

She may be a dork. And it didn't explode.

Photographed by Gregory Brown
London, England - June 2012

Some days I feel my nerdiness has left me, then I see the ideas I come up with when given a room full of props and ultimate creative license for a couple of minutes, and realize I am mistaken.

My car almost exploded two days ago. My thermostat was running on high. I may not know much about vehicles, and I'm convinced I do not have enough mass to change a tire even if I needed to, but I do have enough savvy to pull out the guide book and obey. Fortunately right when I needed to pull over, there were car shops and an automotive store. An exceedingly friendly and helpful customer assisted me, and although I was a bit uneasy during the rest of my drive to my figure modeling session, all was well. Apparently my car was overly thirsty for coolant. Who knew it evaporates over time? Or leaks? I'm probably about due for a tune up with the 65 K miles I have on my car, those are 65 thousand miles, but could also be 65 thousand Keira miles, but I'm wary of the way auto places seem to rip off girls. I think I need to bring my car to a place recommended by a friend, and with a friend, on one of my days off.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Photographed by Bob K
Rhode Island - July 2012

Did you know that hotel are now around $80-100 on the cheapest end of the spectrum even when in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania? I was surprised as well. Tonight I am at the Microtel about an hour and a half outside of Pittsburgh. I have a bit of wine, a can of tuna, a bag of chips, green beans and dried mango. And of course, a cozy room to splay out naked in.

On this trip through upstate New York and the boondocks of Pennsylvania, I am meeting up with photographers I have met several years ago and am able to come out and see every once in a while. I always enjoy seeing them again even if I do have a bit of extra driving to do. Long expanses of road without traffic can sometimes be enjoyable to drive, especially with a good book on CD. Right now I am listing to, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," at the almost insistent recommendation of a good friend. I'm enjoying hearing the story, so he suggestion was a good one. Today I took advantage of the extra time in my schedule and spent a couple of hours at the Corning Museum of Glass while in town. For three years I have heard about this place, and was always rushing off somewhere else. Something tells me I am the only model to stop there thus far.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I had thought my internet was infected with the hairy, scary, gross DNS virus, but as it turns out, I was just having difficulty with internet at some of my hosts' homes that coincided with the outbreak of the virus. I am sitting in McDonalds using their free internet and this is the happiest I have ever been in a McDonalds. :)

Photographed by Bob K
Rhode Island - July 2012

Random fact about me: when driving long distances and wearing thongs on my feet, I drive with only a thong on my right foot.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Two days ago I had the most invigorating shoot. During past shoot with Bob K, there had been mention of this awesome fire spinner who he believed would be a good addition to his 3D photos with me. With elements of fire and a larger number of people involved, setting up a shoot always becomes trickier and discussion of grandeur does not always actualize. We had a large factory space to use, and the scheduling worked perfectly - Spagga, the fire spinner, was available to come by for a short time.

With the debris of the ground swept aside, my hair pulled into a braid to keep it out of the fire's not always completely contained path, the fire extinguishers brought to the set, the lights set up and tested, and a bit of rehearsing choreography, we were cooking.

These unedited photos are from the digital stills - the final products will be the stereo film photos and even more dynamic

Photographed Bob K
Fire Spinner: Spagga

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I have not disappeared. I have not fallen through a rabbit hole. I just went into an internet free vortex for a while in Europe.

Today my travels in the USA commence again with a trip from Rhode Island to Albany, New York. I will work my way from Albany to Syracuse and Corning and down to Pittsburgh, then to Morrisdale, over to Washington DC, up to Philadelphia, all the way out to Asheville and then east to Raleigh. I foresee some hotels, couches and nights of sleeping in my car. Some days of solid driving, others with me modeling and networking, and a bit of time coming up with new adventures. Pittsburgh is letting me down a bit, but with the way my schedule works I have to find an appropriate place to be between Corning and Morrisdale or within a three hour detour. I am confident I will sort things out.

Troy: July 9 - 12 
Upstate NY/Rochester/Buffalo/Syracuse/Binghampton: July 11-12 
Pittsburg, PA (Or anywhere between Corning and Morrisdale): July 14 - 17 
Morrisdale: July 18 - 19 
Washington DC/Baltimore: July 20 - 24/25 
Asheville/Knoxville: July 26 - 30 
Raleigh, NC: August 1-6 

Photographed by John M
Edinburgh, Scotland - June 2012