Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Day

Some people spend their Thanksgiving day lounging around their home in pajamas, frantically making the finishing touches of a grand meal and essentially sleeping, eating and relaxing. I began my day by spooning with roadkill. I can see the fear and disgust bubbling up at the conjuring of this image and I promise you it was no where near as gross as imagined. My clothes were still on, my body about an inch away, and my nose didn't comprehend the foul smell for about 3 seconds.

The entire day of shooting was a delightful and new way to spend Thanksgiving day. Running in nature with bits of wardrobe and amazing, sparkling light made for great photos and a fantastically fun day. I even got to eat leftover Turkey day fare for dinner.

This is another Adam Moon photo from the day.

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  1. "I swear these gypsies probably got knives..."