Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Estoy en Argentina ahora. Estuve haciendo queso por una semana a una granja organica. Este es no vacacion, pero es una experiencia nueva.

Hello friends!
I am now in Argentina (I am sure you guessed as much, or hoped as much). In the quest to gain new experiences, I have immersed myself in Spanish and a natural life, living at an organic farm and making cheese. With a call time of 5 thirty in the morning, I will be well prepared for any morning shoots I get to do when back in the states.

Time to think in Spanish!


  1. ?Que tipo queso? Que tengas muchas experiencias nuevas y nos regrese llena de historias y visiones, y recetas de comida buena y exotica.

  2. She lives! Hurray! Espero que disfruten el resto de su tiempo en la Argentina!

  3. Gouda! The amount of cheese I ate was rather large.

    This trip is entirely about new experiences - I do not even know why exactly I decided to embark on it.