Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And I return...

I am a person who sees the good in people and have continually had this belief confirmed. I met a woman at a hostel in Mendoza and ended up traveling to the mountains with her for a few days. I stayed in the home with a few people in Cordoba, and they lent me a tent, which allowed me to visit areas I would never have otherwise been able to visit. I decided trekking 8 km in the peak of the day was better than waiting a few hours for a bus, and by km 6, I was offered a ride.

People are good. So is life.

I am ready to add more art of the photographic variety to my life again.

San Francisco: February 3 - 13
Seattle/Portland: February 14 - 23
Boston: February 24 - 28
NYC: February 28 - March 10

Houston: March 11 - 23
Austin/San Antonio: March 24-27
Dallas: March 28 - 31
Arkansas: April 1 - 5
Mississippi: April 6
Alabama: April 7 - 9
Tennesee: April 10 - 12
Atlanta: April 13 - 17

(Dates are 92.37% correct and I will be continuing west after Atlanta.)


  1. Ah, dang, why are you coming to the Pacific NW when it's cold and wet? :)

  2. That's what studios are for. So I can shoot with folks in studios on this trip, and return in the summer and shoot outdoors. Of course, I prefer locations, but indoors can lend itself to great imagery, too.

  3. See you on March 30th. Pearl and I have some cool ideas I think you will like and have fun with.

  4. The inspired life you lead serves as a potent inspiration to all who encounter you. I'm patient, Oz must be on the itinerary sometime or other.



  5. Welcome home? You are a nomad so maybe there is no actual home for you. Though you are welcome here at my home anytime. I like when you stay here it leaves my house a little feminine. Bad news here is I will not be here when you are here. I'll be in Florida. :(
    However my friend, if you need a place to stay in the NYC area you know my number.I'll get a set of keys to you. :) You can even sleep in my bed, watch my porn and eat whatever is here, not that we eat the same things, LOL. You got my number give me a shout and say hello.

  6. Did you take any pics on this beautifully epic journey of yours?