Saturday, February 5, 2011


Photographed by Tito Trelles
New York City, NY - January 2010

Photographed by AWSapp
Las Vegas, NV - November 2009

Photographed by Rick Fink
Austin, TX - August 2010

Photographed by Kris Rodammer
Boston, MA - May 2010

I am an art nude model. So technically much (or any) wardrobe is not a necessity. And when I find myself flying from city to city for months on end, my clothing for the few moments when not shooting take up much of my space. So, I wish I could schlep far more things with me to shoots, but often I am limited unless I am taking one of my crazy road trips (which is actually coming up rather soon) and in general things which are new to me (albeit, they don't need to be new at all) are rather exciting. When photographers have wardrobe for me, I am ecstatic. With a bit of cloth, thigh highs, lingerie, a belt or two, costuming, or other miscelaneous clothing items, a wardrobe and creative look can be created. I challenge you to have on hand a few items for me to play dress up in.

Of course, fanciful wardrobe is always thrilling, too. Today I got to wear part of an old flight suit. That is tough to beat. :)

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