Monday, June 13, 2011

Positive Deviant

Photographed by Photosensualis
Woodstock, NY - June 2011

I recently read a book which made these life suggestions.

1. Ask an unscripted question

2. Don’t complain

3. Count something

4. Write something

5. Change

I have thought about this listing the past few days.

Ask an unscripted question...

Sometimes asking questions is rather difficult for me. I have to know what to ask. I have to have the confidence to ask. But only by asking questions will I deepen relationships or at least learn something new about something or someone.

Don't complain...

I try to maintain the attitude that life is good. Yes, it could be better, but it also could be worse - very much so. No one wants to hear anyone complain. It does not actually make the complainer feel better (or at least that is the case with me) and may even be arguably a cause for a worsened state of mind.

Count something...

The idea is that counting leads to something. The thing being counted may be shallow at first, but with the count, connections between things can become apparent and things learned.

Write something...

Write anything. Writing can be a way to channel feelings and thoughts. Ideas are be formulated, or recorded for future remembrance. I went through a period where I wrote in abundance, and have pulled away from that practice. This book reminded me to return to my practice of writing.


We can all change, or at least explore change. Sometimes just exploring a new way of doing something or thinking about an idea can be cause for learning. Not all ideas are worth adopting or believing, but there is some merit in observing different perspectives.

The core of me has remained over the years, but I know something in me has changed. For the better. This is my final blog as a 26 year old - I look forward to seeing how I grow in the upcoming year.

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  1. Happy belated Birthday.
    Lovely work, by-the-way, always!