Monday, November 14, 2011

good day

Photographed by Robert Triboli
Sacramento, CA - November 2011

I smell onions and tofu cooking on the stove and have homeroasted coffee in my belly...

My previous two weeks in the bay area have been a perfect balance of relaxation, work and play. My good friend Rebecca Lawrence stayed this past week, and learned that the West coast may be pretty awesome, at least up until midnight.

Sometimes I joke about how my job is to be pretty and creative, and to withstand the cold. The weather is always unpredictable in the bay area, and Robert and I were worried about our plans to shoot outdoors during our shoot the other day. Our backup plan never came to fruition, as we braved the cold all morning (the locations were well worth a dose of chill) and shot in the guest bedroom until dinner.

Onwards to even warmer places...(Australia!)


  1. It's very hot here right now; we're in for a lot of rain over Christmas. So bring your umbrella and raincoats... and togs/swimsuit and plenty of sunscreen. It's supposed to be as wet as last year!

    I'm not looking forward to it (living in Brisbane, we had the worse floods since 1974 last year it was horrible; fortunately, I was too far outside the CBD to be affected too much; however watching it on the news was scary).

  2. Umbrella?! Oh no. I'll have to get one when I arrive - mine didn't make it through a storm in Cordoba last February.

    I'm hoping your floods are kept to a minimum this year - last year sounded scary.

  3. We've been allowed to use up some of the water in our dams... so when the rain does come, they don't overflow.

    I'm just looking forward to being here at home and not stuck in a caravan with two other adults, a budgie and locked in with rain and flooding while I'm there. Besides, when it rains here in Queensland, it's good reading weather.

  4. WOW! Love the softness and the light in the color photograph! You and Robert "rock'd" that!

  5. Both images seem to bring out youthfulness in your look, almost an undiscovered innocence.