Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year Already?

Photographed by CS Photographics
Little Rock, Arkansas - Spring 2011

In America as soon as Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is upon people's minds. And while Thanksgiving comes and goes, signs of Christmas are everywhere. Now that Christmas has been celebrated, bits of wrapping paper and holiday trinkets will linger, Hanukah will persist for two more nights, and thoughts of the coming new year are even stronger.

The new year offers the sense of opportunity for renewal. The date marker not only the start to a new calendar where the cycle starts anew, but the commencement of a fresh period of time. An occasion for changes. I like to think every day of the year can be a day to modify your life to live to the fullest, but if a concrete break from old and new is helpful, I can embrace that (this is, after all, tradition). I, too, am cooking up a list of goals for 2012 - professionally and personally. Are you?


  1. I don't really plan goals for my New Year... instead - being an opportunist - when I see one arise and find that it's a good thing, I'll jump at it. This year, has been a good year for this. I modeled nude for the first time for an art friend in March (and he needs me for another painting next year), I've been published last week on (my book is called Graveyard Shift and it's 6 short vampire stories with one about a piano at the end). Then, the day after I found out my e-book went live, I handed in my application for an exhibition at the Logan Art Gallery where I have done volunteer work for 2013. I'm still waiting for a reply to see if I got in!

    Next year, I've found that my new year is a clean palate... I have nothing planned, so, again, I'll become the opportunist... and see what shows up in my path to jump at. :D

  2. Being an opportunist - that's something I'll raise a glass up and toast to.

    Your past year sounds exciting - may this one be equally good, but different.

  3. Strangely enough, I never used to be... always wanting to be in control of every single thing. Then, one day, I was on holidays and somebody asked me what my New Year Resolutions were and I realised I didn't have any; and that's when I decided to see what opportunities arose.
    At first it was hard to let go of the controlling factor of my life... now it's like floating down a river and letting life take me where it pleases; and you know? It's a lot of fun, and I get to do more in a year than I used to. :D