Monday, February 6, 2012

Caltrain inefficiency

Photographed by Frits Kraefft
Amsterdam, Netherlands - January 2012

I left my home at 12:50 pm to take Bart and Caltrain to San Jose for a shoot - I arrived at the station at 3:38, was picked up at 4 pm and commenced shooting at 4:20 pm. Sometimes not having a car in this area is beastly. Fortunately I was dropped off at Bart, and my way home was only about an hour and 20 minutes, which was much more manageable. While in a way rather close, San Jose is tough to get to from Oakland without a car.


  1. Actually, you did pretty well with your commute. Factor in the extra hassle of parking, traffic congestion (and possibly total gridlock), the expense of buying, maintaining, refueling, parking, insuring, etc., taking the train is a pretty good deal. I had a government job, complete with a government car, in the Bay Area years ago and I usually left the car at the office and took the train or bus. Much better useofmy time. Just saying...

  2. I'm still not convinced. Especially since I would be parking at a residential place for many shoots, and pay car insurance and maintain a car anyway (it's just not in California right now). If I didn't have a car at all, I think I would agree with you. :)