Friday, March 23, 2012

Meet me in Memphis

Photographed by Dunlap Photoart
Memphis, TN - March 2012

I recently learned that Memphis abounds with great buildings to shoot in. Photographer Tommy Dunlap brought me to an incredible building he had spotted while driving on the freeway. The location was amazing and I got to do one of my few completely clothed shoots.

So thrilled by the location and lighting, after the shoot, I headed back with a fresh memory card and battery, dragging along the friend I was staying with. Instead of using a tripod (I don't have one on this trip), I put my friend in the role of photo assistant, with me setting up the shot and him in charge of the shutter. Perhaps not a perfect method, but it was an entertaining exercise in photography. My introduction to assisted self-portraits came to an end when I spotted amazing light and ran towards it camera in hand, ignoring the broken glass everywhere. Moments later, yipping like a sad puppy, I had to pull out a shard of glass that was lodged in my foot (thank goodness for long nails), and decided to go home, shower the dirt off my face and body and enjoy the cleaner sides of Memphis (a meal at Itta Bena).

Turns out my friend in Memphis has some good connections for shooting spaces, so if a photographer in the general area wants to meet me somewhere in the south sometime, I could supply a neat location for shooting.

Self-portraits assisted by Jay in Memphis


  1. that is a really cool location!

  2. Amazing photos! What a model - your poses are stunning!