Monday, April 23, 2012

Body Double

Photographed by Daniel
Models: Keira Grant and Mauvais
Oakland, CA - February 2012

I found my body double in the east bay of the San Francisco area. Our legs are the same length, our torsos equally tall as well, and from the toes to the top of our head we are the same heigh. We both have pretty small chests and a bit of art model shrubbery. We are both rather pale skinned and the hair on our heads - curly brown. :) The great thing is that not only is Mauvais an awesome model, but she is cool, too. These photos are from our introductory shoot at my Oakland studio. Since then we've worked together a couple more times and have learned that together we have very few personal space boundaries when it comes to creating good artistic images. 

Last week she and I had one session of figure work at the end of a day of goofy, awesome shooting. We fought over cleaning a man's public restroom, had a fake fist fight, streaked over a bridge, flashed oncoming traffic from a bridge, played chess in a cemetery and pushed each other around in a wheel chair, and licked each other's ice cream while strapped in the back of a car. 

I'm about to head out of town again, but will be around the San Francisco area in August. I would love to do more shoots with her when back. 

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  1. We will totally shoot more when you get back! :D <3