Thursday, May 31, 2012

All over the place

Photographed by Bob
Providence, RI - May 2012
My Boston trip has been marked with car rides from the border of New Hampshire to Rhode Island, back to New Hampshire and then once again yo-yo-ing down to Rhode Island. The variety of my shoots these past days have been tremendous with one shoot allowing me to scale up a rock wall and lounge on a nearly disintegrated car, to looking cute and cheery in bright clothing in a sunlit room, to prancing in sprinklers for 3D photos, to twisty-bendy figure studies, to wrapping my face in thread, to wearing fetish ballet slippers, to sliding myself within a table.... and the list continues.

I depart for Europe tomorrow afternoon and have most of my details neatly written out. July will bring me time to return to my blog.


Polaroids by Rick Poston
NYC, NY - May 2012


  1. Happy trails. Europe should be a fun trip. Good luck

  2. You've been working so hard lately. And I love the first - top - photo where you've got ants walking on you (whopping big ones!). It looks like something out of Alice In Wonderland... don't you think? Where you've eaten or drunk something and you shrunk and passed out when you saw how big the ants were. :P