Thursday, November 1, 2012


I am wearing tighty-whities. Why? Today I had the day off in Atlanta and ordered up a bit of thrift store shopping in addition to catching up on emails and taking a couple too many showers. Trying on clothing without underwear is sometimes a little disgusting, and when sharing a room with other ladies (yes, some stores still have communal dressing rooms) sparing the women the shock of seeing a panty-less girl seemed like basic politeness. Of course, I have good manners when in a store in the South, and yet, just a week and a half ago I was running around a friend's home in the DC area with a grey tape, which was not duct tape, covering up my butt crack. 6 cups of coffee and one pour of scotch and apparently I lost control, and the fun version of me came out.

Photographed by Mohandoss Photography
Raleigh, North Carolina - Summer 2012

I often joke about the two (or debated three) sides of myself. With my prose up above, I was reminded of this. 

I find pleasure in the small things in life. One of which is opening fortune cookies and reading their fortunes. I have learned Panda Express makes the most boring fortunes, so I do not recommend picking up a bag of their cookies for this purpose, but most fortunes are a bit more exciting. There is some order to my fortune cookie practices - I open a cookie, eat a small amount, and read the fortune. If I feel so inclined, I may eat the rest of the cookie, but having that one small taste is part of my being able to consider the fortune mine. I have no idea when I started doing this. A couple of weeks ago I found fortune cookies laying on the countertop where I was shooting, and decided to partake in the fortune experience. Upon opening my cookie I found this fortune - "a beautiful person is with you, confide your problems," and was of course in the room by myself.  Was my fortune cookie suggesting I embrace my multiple personalities and have them all talk to each other? :P (I of course say all of this in jest)

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  1. I believe we all have a collection of sides to us. We all have good sides, wild sides, weird sides and off-the-wall sides... and the list goes on. A lot of my friends have seen my weird side (that was at school... and at my 20 year reunion last year, they all remembered it fondly. How cool is that!). Then, I've got a wild side... but I have to be very, very comfortable with the people I'm with to show that part of me off (as I usually can show it off without booze - I can get wild on a natural high... great stuff that and just as exhausting as any other high).
    But, like anyone, I have bad sides to me. I can't handle my alcohol. I turned into right asshole and pick fights if I get more than 4 drinks into me and that's not good - especially seeing I'm a chick! :( So, I gave up the booze in my mid-20's and opted for softdrinks knowing it was best choice in the world to remember what I did while I was out and about. :)

    Your night at your friend's place sounds hilarious! Exactly the type of night, I'd be ready with my camera to record the night nobody remembers, only to show you the photos the next day on the computer... :P Yeah, that's another thing about having a sober friend, they know what you got up to the night before. :)