Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sucre wine drinking rambling a (perhaps not so different from coffee rambling)

In Sucre, happy hour at places is two for one and beverage happy hour is late in the evening, which means that if I want to sit down and have a beverage at 7:30 or 8 pm and study, my next drink at 9 pm is really two drinks. So by the time I go home tonight I will have either had three cups of wine, made a new acquaintance to give one to, or left one on my table. Tonight I was going to learn about Bolivian dancing but couldn't bear to drag myself back to the hostel to hear the presentation, and the timing was wrong as well, so straight to Cafe Joyride to study I went (okay, as is typical with me, I deliberate with "should I go or not?" And walked back and for adding in a stop to buy crackers before heading to the place where I currently am).

I almost always carry around a book in Spanish, but this time I left the two books I have on my bed as I had not planned to be out and about drinking wine and writing. Next time I will not neglect to throw a book in my bag.

I have been in Sucre over two weeks now and have decide to depart for Salar de Uyuni on Monday or at latest on Tuesday. I have been enjoying my lessons and feel I have been getting much from them, but the time to journey on has come. I do not quite feel right here and other than my lessons have no real reason to stay.

My host family is good, the lunches a hearty Bolivian cooking variety and the people friendly, but I do not quite feel I belong. A friend of mine back in the states asked me how I was feeling and if I felt less isolated. And other fried has inquired about my progress with Spanish and my quest towards fluency. No language can be learned immediately and I have only just commenced my journey. As for my sense of belonging, I can communicate and the community here is not super large, but even in a city of millions of people like NYC, some people can feel alone.

Where I am staying there is no Internet, but I kind of enjoy the break from my developed tendency to check my email first thing upon opening my eyes. I find it rather disappointing how much we all rely in our Technology world when in reality so few people actually send personalized emails to one another. I am accustomed to using Internet for networking for work, but since my flight home is not scheduled for October, there truly is no real need for me checking so often. Which is good, since I do anticipate some periods of days far away from Internet connection. I do feel myself wishing I had brought a tent, but I haven't actually had to turn down an opportunity due to the lack of tent, yet.but I do need to find myself in wilderness at some point in time - I am carrying around malaria pills for some reason I am sure.

I have now consumed another half a glass of wine - I won't be taking any bets on if I will drink all my wine or not. I do have to take a taxi back to where I am staying later tonight as this city is not without tourist theft and I have to walk all the way across town to get home tonight. Usually I prefer walking, but I also like keeping my possessions so I will heed the advice of the locals. With Spanish class at 8:30 am , I will not be up terribly late, that much I do know.

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