Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy, naked girl coming back to the states...but not yet!

In the wee hours of December 18 I will be back on a plane, headed for Texas, after 10 months frolicking  in the southern hemisphere of the Americas.
During the past months, my nude photography moments have been far to scarce, and clearly my photos generally far from professional. I have enjoyed my ultimate freedom, hours of conversation in Spanish, and the adventure, but probably do need to come back, and can honestly say I have missed art modeling.

TEXAS in January
EAST COAST tour in February/start of March
SAN FRANCISCO/Bay Area  in middle of March, end of April and start of May

I am smiling, hence not an art nude, right?

Art nude? But wait, I have a necklace...


  1. After a month back "home", how are you doing? I hope at some point you will fill in the gaps in the narrative of your SA adventures.