Friday, January 31, 2014

Model-In-Residence at the Atomic Canary in Baltimore February 21 - 26

A friend of mine is running a new Natural light studio in Baltimore, Maryland and I am one of their first  models for the Model-In-Residence program. Sometimes finding a shoot location can be tricky, and finding a good one even more difficult, but this studio offers many types of walls to shoot on, window light and a huge selection of lights to use. The usual rental fee is a bit higher, but during February 21 - 26 while I am their MIR, the place can be booked for use for a session with yours truly for only $20/hr. My modeling fees still apply, but my not having to drive around to every shoot will transform me from a happy model to an even happier one, and we will have a fabulous location to shoot in.

I did an interview for them if you want to check that out, you can at this link. Or can go to their website, , and see the full site. I will also be doing a workshop on Abstract Nudes on Saturday, February 22 from 3 - 6 pm (learn more here).

Photographed by Carly Erin Oneil

Photographed by Dan Richards

Photographed by Dare Images

Photographed by Dare Images

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