Friday, June 27, 2014

Monaco. Getting there.

If you eat 4 macarons, a couple of strawberries and are overcome with jetlag, you, too could go to sleep at 9 pm and get yourself immediately on schedule with the time zone where your body may be located, but that doesn't mean the next day is not without a little confusion. While laying in my plush hotel bed in Monaco yesterday evening, I was well aware the time was but early afternoon in Houston where I had been the day before, but my sugar crashed and airplane weary body disregarded this fact. I have found myself in Monaco, the smallest destination never on my travel list but suddenly replacing Belgium and all of their glorious chocolates and beer, in my travel itinerary. My arrival was filled with the real adventure as my current stay will likely be a continuation of relaxation, gently rolling ocean fills my ears, warm sun wraps around my body, and even if going by foot, the general area is sight seen in a mere afternoon. 

I received my updated travel itinerary just a day before departure, which certainly felt quite spontaneous even if my trip to Europe was planned much in advance. By planned, I mean scheduled as I have a recklessness in vacations in regards to advanced preparation which is the opposite of my systematic planning for work schedules. A few hours before my flight I was in a hunger inspired panic to get fed and immediate depart to the airport, which was calmed with reason, and the discovery that Houston does not actually have any good delis or a sand which culture, and my housemate taking me to lunch then proceeding to the airport. 15 minutes away from our destination, my arrival at the airport, the truck beebed at us and the dashboard equipment ceased life, a few miles later, the speed of my pulse replaced the movement of the truck. I had an international flight departing in 2 hours and suddenly had no transportation. Being on time to things is my biggest paranoia - I am more afraid of being late than of being physically molested (unreasonable as this may be). I was in a panic. And during panic mode, Internet on iPhones apparently stops working properly, and logic slows. After tromping across the onramp with my backpack to a nearby hotel to find my address for cab pickup, and making the call, a cab was to arrive in supposedly 15 minutes, if and only if the person dispatched was interested. But before long, a man from a motor assistance program had seen my friend's stopped truck on the side of the freeway, and was bringing me to the airport at the request of my friend. Though not a usual request or purpose of this program, I officially felt my life had been saved as blue-eyed Lance brought me to the terminal. These were the best tax dollars at work I had ever experienced. I made it through the security gate with only 17 minutes to spare before my true departure time, confirming with a wait for a taxi I might have missed my flight. 

My flight was slightly delayed, but uneventful. I watched a movie which was rather slow, with seeing the conclusion my full purpose, and reached the end to find out there was no resolution. Then I saw "12 Years a Slave," as this was on my list after the film did so well in the awards department.

The plan arrived in Paris at 9 am and at 9 am my flight to Nice was boarding. I wanted to avoid being the rude American and waited at the back of the plane with no where to go amidst the suitcases anyway. Turns out a shuttle from the plane to the terminal was needed, and followed shortly after followed by my reminder to do cardiovascular excercise. My mad dash through the airport before and after customs brought me to my next plane, where they reopened the gate for me, so I could run down the gate to halt to a hand outstretched in the "stop" position. A few moments later I could enter and was at my seat.

Apparently I made the plane on time but my luggage had not, but I continued to Monaco in my hired car and would have my pack delivered later that night. 

Yesterday I relaxed and read a book while eating tuna and sipping coffee before heading off to see what there was to see in this little, pristine place. 

And now, I await my shoot while sitting on a balcony in the sun. 

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