Friday, November 7, 2014

Where in the world is Keira Grant?

Where in the world is Keira Grant?

Today I sit at a photographer friend's home in Adelaide, Australia, sucking down some instant coffee, fried eggs with golden yokes and a side of sautéed mushrooms and unsuccessfully pulling my long nails away from the itchy-bumpy skin which is the remains of a two-week old poison ivy rash. In forty-five minutes a photographer will meet me at the door, and my long day of mentoring a model and modeling will commence. I have about 15 minutes of quiet until I must stare myself in the eye and apply makeup for the day.

Adelaide is known for being a tougher place for those more artistically minded, at least in terms of art models, but once I have begun an artistic relationship with a photographer, I feel the pull to return again and again. Shoots become better between photographer and model the more comfortable we are, and better reflects in the experience and the results of the time together. With a great model and photographer, a first shoot will produce great photos, but add a history of working together, and the possibility of success increases.

Yesterday I helped a new model with her second shoot and watched her images and confidence increase exponentially. I have no idea which model I will meet today, but look forward to playing mentor.

*beep* *beep* My blog timer has sounded and I must continue to prepare myself for work.
Have a jolly great day. Where in the world are you? And have you thought about bringing me out to you to begin our photography journey together?

Photographed by Keira Grant
Models Romi Muse and new model Dani

First shoot with Vivid Impressions - I hope to return to Florida someday to continue to see what we can create together. Getting me to an area the first time is the most difficult part - once I travel somewhere and meet good people and photographers, with enough work I am more easily swayed into making another trip.

My friend Kurt in Roanoke, VA lives a bit off the path from Raleigh to DC, but his photo explorations and good company tend to entice me the long route up the coast rather than through Richmond.


  1. I hope you return to Florida too! After communicating for so many years it was a great pleasure to create with you and well worth the wait. Thanks for the post. Safe travels and hope to see you soon.
    Joe Vargas (Vivid Impressions)

  2. Does this mean you never met good people or photographers in Southern California? lol

  3. I hope to return to Florida, Joe. Maybe you can help me with that for the coming year. And Sven, after 5 years living in Long Beach, then a couple of less than entirely successful trips to LA in the past few years, I haven't felt the draw of the area in a while.