Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Focus: How much do we need?

I cannot find focus. I know I am tired, yet refuse to take a nap as I did not do enough today to warrant a rest. So I flutter around, doing some of the never-ending chores on my to-do list, the chores which are softly drawn out after completion, still staring back at at me from behind the pencil line.  There are tasks that do not have clear ends, and often I feel my life overflows with these activities. One addictive component of modeling is there is a product to be shown for my time.  Once a shoot has ended, model releases are signed, payment exchanged, and we are finished for the time being. Something has been achieved; be it exploratory art, a great new photo or an artistic escape from our typical routine. But most activities are not so clear. 

Photographed by Doug Earle
San Antonio, TX

These photos are from a shoot with Doug Earle in San Antonio. The huge windows provided a beautiful play-space for our shoot. He experimented with a LensBaby, which created the wonderfully blurred effect featured in these photos, but his complaint was the lack of focus. I feel the composition, my gestural emotion, the streaming light, and the soft blur of the edges are strong enough to overpower the need for clear focus, but without observing a printed version of these photos, I cannot adequately argue my point. Usually a point of focus in a photo is necessary, but I have been drawn to some art which is completely soft focus or out of focus. In life, there is a level of focus which is needed to be successful, but does this focus need to be exact, or can focus flirt with several fields?