Sunday, March 15, 2015

Me, intimidating?

These two girls are the same girls as in the photos below.

On a few occasions, photographers have told me they are intimidated by me.

Since I began modeling six years ago, I have learned a few things about creating strong images. My personality is not one that allows me to slop through life; in anything worth doing, striving towards skill and success is necessary. Usually enough hours of properly directed work will result in improvement, and I now feel fairly confident as a model as one should after dedicating five full years towards learning this art. I like to believe my portfolio reflects this, and perhaps some people see this. Yet, as an artist who strives towards continual growth, I will always expect myself to be better.

When working with experienced photographers, I aim to rise to their expectations and create amazing art. With newer photographers, my experience and knowledge combined with their passion should still make good images, or at the least, be a way to step forward in the path of learning and improving.

When I look at these snapshots of myself, I quietly smile. Me, intimidating?  I may be an experienced and dedicated artist, but I am still just me.  These photos are of me lodged between two beds in a hotel, before and after pushing my friend in, too. I mean, who does this and would you really have any reason to be intimidated by her?

The KG Duo
Models Keira Grant and Katja Gee

(And you may note, I am still here with Blogger. Google relented on their policy about nudity after outraging many people.)

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