Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Figure Work with Rod Brayman

To balance out my last posting with the silly photos of me rolling around with stinky crawfish, I wanted to prove that I am a serious art model. Well, I'm not completely serious all the time as you may know by now, but when it comes to figure work, I'm serious about creating the highest quality work. I'm excited by the shapes humans can make with their bodies; the way limbs can extend and bend to create images that we don't see every day.

These photos are from a recent collaboration with Rod Brayman. I had seen some of his awesome work with fellow art models Liv and Vex Voir and knew I had to contact him about working together. He likes to work with dancers and my form may fool you into thinking I have dance background, but the closest I got to dance was having a high school roommate at an art's boarding school who was a dance major. 

We spent the day together with a team to assist with lighting, a MUA (Don Rokicki did a great job even if most of these photos don't showcase how he subtly enhanced my face) and one of his artist friends watching to learn about professional shoots. My body was officially exhausted after the end of the shoot but seeing these results, I know the sore muscles were well worthwhile.

All photos by Rod Brayman

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