Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Are you a "the glass is half full" or "the glass is half empty" kind of person?

I am a "I have a glass - how cool is that?!" kind of person.

Sometimes I don't want a full glass. My coffee cup is best served less than full. If it were brimming over with coffee, there would not be room to put in the cream of choice. If I am tasting alcoholic beverages and my drinks too full, I may hit my stopping point more rapidly than preferred. I like to try things, to take life as it is poured for me or pour it for myself. Half full or half empty. A few drops or an abundance. In this glass I have, I may drink and share life.

(I just re-read this and believe that perhaps I should rename my blog, “if art models were philosophers....”)


  1. Glass half-full. I have to be to survive my way of life. I'm on meds that can depress me; and so pushing myself to see the world with the glass half-full attitude is something I've had to work on otherwise I'd be unbearable to live with.

  2. You make life fun!