Saturday, March 19, 2011

Of bird type things

Photographed by Vincent Arthur
New Jersey - March 2011

The other day a feather fell out of my down jacket and an absurd idea popped into my head. I decided it would be neat to be tarred and feathered for a shoot. I happened to have my friend Art at my side and a couple of hours. After a trip to pick up some powdered eyeshadow to mix with my lotion and a few bags of feathers, we had a fun shoot in the making.

On the theme of feathers and the creatures they are usually attached to, a couple of days ago I ended up wandering through a gigantic Asian super market. Upon my first time to see a beverage named, "bird's nest drink," I snapped an iphone photo in disgust, and when I saw the beverage in the cooler section, I decided I needed to try this horrifying sounding beverage. A few sips into the drink I deemed it undrinkable. It may be a delicacy in some countries, but consuming a bird's nest is not my idea of fine dining.

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