Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Photographed by John Glenn
Atlanta, Georgia - April 2011

I am without internet and phone reception for the next couple of days, but found a little nook and a few moments to post these couple of photos. Both done on the same shoot just a couple of days ago in a place I now find myself fond of - Atlanta, Georgia. I like to think these show my versatility as a model - I finally understand glamour and yet my artful side is strong as ever.

Today I braved the surprise chilly weather to shoot in the woods and spent the afternoon touring around my friend's dad's organic farm. A couple of days in the woods and on a farm is a good thing before my travel up through the east coast and all its craziness.


  1. You did great work out there in spite of the weather not cooperating. The "good" news is that it never did get warmer so waiting until later wouldn't have helped any.

  2. Keira on a farm again! I’m guessing that you weren’t making cheese at 5:30 am this time:))