Friday, October 21, 2011


Photographed by Perry Julien
Hotel, Atlanta, GA - October 2011

Anthony Ho
Hotel, San Francisco, CA - 2011

I am a believer in using hotels as a convenient and good shooting location. All hotels offer some basic backdrops for shooting, and depending upon the hotel, can provide anywhere from a basic to a grungy to an elegant location to shoot in. There are often ample lamps around for available light shooting, or a few lights from your home or studio can transform a hotel into your own studio for the duration of the shoot.

And if a model needs a place to stay while in a city, she's usually happy to make use of the bed after the shoot.


  1. They are handy and a nice place to work on a rainy day if you are normally an outdoor shooter. I often shoot in the hotel room in the evening after we wrap things up for the day outside. Gives us something to do in the evenings before bed.
    Of course you dress up a hotel room quite nicely by just being there.

  2. Nicer boutique hotels often have higher ceilings than chain hotels, which makes for better light placement. A hotel room often will need to be staged--to conceal the hotel phone, the oversized clock radio, and ads for room service, etc. Heavy blinds/curtains make it easier to control the light coming into the room, and hotel rooms often also have sheers, which are great for window lighting. I prefer to use boutique hotels over chain hotels, if only to get away from the boring bedding.