Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Place

I spent my final days in NYC just last week and was sad to depart knowing I will not return until basically 2014. I used to feel I could not keep up with the pace of NYC and I had no desire to live there, but while now I have financial concerns regarding the logistics of living in that glorious city, I have awakened to the charm of the place. I stayed up late, went to yoga class, drank an abundance of coffee and perhaps too much whiskey, hung out with friends, ate pizza and of course walked and walked and did quite a bit of shooting while in the city. NYC, I shall miss you.

Photographed by Rick Poston
NYC, NY - September 2012

Currently I am happily shooting and resting in the middle of Pennsylvania. Last night I was suspended over the dining room table, after spending the afternoon doing bondage ballerina erotica. With the colorful fall leaves all around me, and the smell of wetplate lavender, I'm in a pretty good place.

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