Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The dance

The rain has me down. Or maybe I am tired. Or perhaps shoots which seem they will not result in artistically sound or pleasant to look at photographs disappoint me. Or maybe shoots where many of the parties are in their own spaces, rather than opening up to see the opportunities available to them and taking the occasion to collaborate are what zap my enthusiasm. I begin all encounters with a positive outlook and attempt to maintain this as long as possible, but I am very much someone who feels the energy of the people around me and as their demeanor and the mood changes, I have to fight to keep myself in my normal happy state.

I am on a short lunch break and will head off to do another shoot soon. A new shoot in a new environment, by the time I arrive at Dunkin Donuts to meet the photographer, I will have a smile on my face and the energy needed to be fully me.

Photographed by Rick Poston
NYC - September 2012

People often do not realize what goes into a good photo shoot. An understanding of lights is a good base, then flows the ability to see the art possibilities laid out in front of you. Photoshoots can be like a dance with energy flowing between subject and photographer and light all swirling around a room.  When people are open to dancing, magic can occur, but when one party is disinterested in this dance, things are a bit more stilted.

I must caffeinate and hit the races, I am clearly sounding hippy-dippy and overly brief in my words. I will muse on this with greater eloquence at a time further down the line.

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  1. Really love the first photo [:
    Hope things are improving :]