Friday, March 21, 2014

Comic Strip

Today I feel as though I am in a fog. The day is one of those where I could have spent the day being productive, but was never awake and pulled together enough to get anything done. I had one, then two cups of coffee, and stayed asleep with my eyes open and legs moving. That third coffee finally did the trick. Or maybe the nap was what worked wonders. Or the canned chicken with frozen peas. I have a box full of clean laundry, a happy grandmother (because I called her), and one bill paid. My to-do list is largely untouched.

I will not go into a healthcare rant because that leaves me angry, and I am not an angry person, but I did call my primary care doctor yet again and still have no response. Apparently I need a referral in order to actually use my health insurance, which is pretty much impossible seeing as I am never in Houston, and my doctor never wants to call me back. Hopefully one day they will actually pick up the phone and I can actually keep the appointment I scheduled. If paying for an expensive plan, I would like to at least go do a couple of important check ups....

A photographer friend of mine did a day long shoot with me and one of his friends a while back. Some behind the scenes photos, plus his captioning, makes for a pretty funny comic strip. If I am not doing the networking I need to be doing right now, I can at least share some humor with the handful of people reading my blog. :)

Comic Written by Tom A.
Personalities: Keira Grant and Frank


  1. What happened to the rest of your pants? Moths"

  2. What really makes me is when you show up early for an appointment, and more often than not, end up having to sit there for an extra 30 minutes or hour or longer...and you're expected to be ok with that. Maybe you'll get an apology. Flip that around, and show up once 10 minutes late thanks to a traffic jam or whatever, and you're going to get the stink eye from the receptionist, even when you call ahead to warn them! Love the comic strip (pardon the pun). Thank you for the laugh. I needed that!

  3. Speaking of late, here I am 3 months late. But still proud to call myself one of your handful of people. I do frequent your tumblr daily, though. Just wanted to get caught up with my favorite naked little Jewish lady. I enjoy your words almost as much as your photos. SouthernMan