Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome to me

I will likely broaden my blog's scope further than the realm of modeling that I have previously tried to limit myself to in past years. Modeling is a huge part of my life, as my job has come to dictate my entire lifestyle in a sense which is why in the past I have been able to write exclusively about the modeling aspects of my life, without wanting for any discussions. But a model is more than just a pretty face who bends this way and that way to make pretty pictures, and the thoughts that go on in our minds do in some way affect our collaborations, so a blog about more than a few quirky photo shoots can actually be relevant - this kind of blog can show a bit of insight into a person who just happens to be a model. During my South American journey I had a blog for my friends and family, and anyone who thought to ask me about where they could follow more closely with my travels was invited to read this blog, which started me writing about my daily adventures and turmoils and all of the thoughts which occurred to me as I threw myself head on into a world I knew nothing about.  I had begun the journey with blog entries on my ArtfulNomad blog, this one, and shortly after my trip commenced, I realized my South American trip did not have much of a connection with my modeling identity. I have had some close friends remark about the difference between my personal life and my modeling life, and I often joke about little me and the superhero version of me which is known by the world of photographers and models. But years into my journey as a model, I feel comfortable with reducing the separation between myself in general and myself as a model, because the gap has been closing a long time now and something changed while I was gone last year, and I feel I am comfortable in being me, both the non-model classical and nerdy me, and the model and sometimes rockstar version of me that is relatively well known around the world of nude photography. So hello, and welcome to me. Sometimes I may seem to rant about random topics, and other times will be sure to write in relation to my shoots, because that is one of the largest aspects of my life, but as always, everything is me.

I have heard some people refer to my tumblr as my blog, which perplexed me since I always associated blogs with words, but as times change more people are interested in the immediacy of photos and even I have found myself spending more time playing with photos than with writing, but I want to keep this to being my word blog, and my tumblr my photo blog. But of course, some photos here are a necessity as well, because photos are fun, or beautiful, or just great to make and have and show. :)

 Snapshot by Bob K
Glamorous photo by TLGee
 Being goofy (I almost always stick out my tongue in stupid photos)
And a bit of serious art with William McEwen (after the portrait with camera)


  1. Broaden away girl! I enjoy reading your blog. I am also envious of your writing style which is very clear and so easy to read. Considering your modeling adventures and talent with the pen maybe you should be working on a proper book.