Monday, July 28, 2014

DC Area Workshops August 7 and 10

I have a couple of workshops coming up in the DC Area and would love to see more people come out for them. These are small groups and about individualistic shooting, rather than a big shoot out. The best art is created between model and photographer, and that is the emphasis of these shoots.


Photographed by Brooke Lynn
Saint Merrique and Keira Grant
Rossland, Canada

Thursday, August 7 in the afternoon and evening, I am involved in a beach shoot with a couple other models, on Assateague Island. The other models involved are:
Keira Grant:
St. Merrique
The group is limited to 6 photographers and the $300 fee for the workshop includes all of the models' travel time (rather far from DC and Baltimore) and a full 4+ hours of shooting time in rotation with the four of us models. I have heard about this location and seen images for years, and am excited to finally be able to reach this beautiful beach where I can shoot nude art images without problems. I know the location is a bit of a drive and trek, but this promises to be a wonderful shoot. If interested, contact me at or contact ChipBulgin directly at

David Nonetknowles Photo
Berkeley, CA

 Andrew Kaiser
Portland, OR

Ken Prevette

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