Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Models photographing models - August 9 Workshop

Upcoming workshops:

I am currently the MIR at the Atomic Canary, which means I sleep in the lovely studio of Carly Erin, hang out in the main space doing emails, yoga, preparing for shoots, shooting, eating and have an existence somewhat like a normal human being for the duration of my time here. I have a couple of busy days, but my schedule is much more relaxed than I had expected. One of my shoots has been cancelled, so instead of taking the MARC train down to DC to create some art with a photographer I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, I will continue with my email regimen and perhaps edit a couple of photos which are in need of editing. Being able to focus on my own work while in the studio space of another person is quite difficult as there is the buzz of others, and often conversations are directed at me even when I am trying to delve into my own projects. I can work with considerable noise around me, but when my engagement in other activities is needed, I find myself unable to multitask efficiently. Writing more is on my list for these next few days - if more blogs appear, that may be a sign of my ability to push past impeding chatter.

 Ivy Lee

While here I will be doing the Assateaugue Island shoot tomorrow where I will be frolicking and modeling on the beach and shore with a couple of excellent models and a handful of photographers.

I also have a great workshop that is worth checking out. I am working with Carly Erin in a workshop called Learn how to Pose the Muse where we will photograph one another, then have photographers photograph us separately and together. The idea is to provide insight on how two models who are also photographers (Carly much more than I am) work with models. This is scheduled for August 9 from 10 am to 1 pm at the AtomicCanary Studio in Baltimore. I am looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate a little how I work as a photographer, as I often feel models have a bit of a different shooting style and ability to communicate with other models when they are in the role of photographer.


Carly Erin

Romanhi Rose

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