Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Clothing disaster

The basic wardrobe of a nude model while shooting is rather self explanatory. While bits of clothing can absolutely transform a shoot, nothing is actually necessary. Perhaps some coconut lotion or oil of choice to add skin sheen and some makeup, but in theory a nude model does not need anything on their body. But the key phrase is, "in theory." I receive wardrobe requests often enough to encourage looking for, buying and packing exciting pieces of clothing to add to a shoot, should they be requested or decidedly useful.

The complicated part of clothing for me is the everyday part. In the summer, showing up free of clothing lines is easy, I throw on a summer dress and a cardigan if needed, and am set. For the fall I have my leather jacket that keeps me warm enough. But come winter, I find myself falling into a trend of frumpiness in attempt to avoid lines. The current style is tight fitting leggings which almost exclusively will leave lines, but are also the clothing item which is easy to pack, light weight and warm. Some models have chosen to risk a few lines on their skin in exchange for fashion on the street, but I am reluctant to show up apologetic about lines for twenty minutes.

Last year I spent a great deal of time in the cold weather and snowstorm zone of the US, and wore the same sweats and jacket on a daily basis. I was probably undressed so many hours that the repetition was only noted by myself, and my re-use of clothing not considered disgusting because I tend to be clothed the same amount of hours in three days' time as most people are in one.  I have always been a bit of a fashion disaster, which is another reason nude modeling comes so easily. As we grow up, some models relish the fact that they can dress in comfy, cozy outfits and still be successful; however, I am receive the opposite point. I would like to finally look more pulled together. For a short period of time I dressed in nice slacks and shirts, when I was living in Dallas and doing some teaching, but that look is no longer appropriate to my lifestyle and who I am. The way we look reflects in how people perceive us, and there are occasions when making good impressions clothed is wise. And not just any impression, but one that is appropriate to the image we are trying to identify with. For the most part, nude models are not judged based upon how they arrive and depart a shoot,  and quite possibly no one in this network cares how we dress, but some may. And most importantly, how we feel is integral to our well-being, and this feeling is often connected with our thoughts regarding outward appearance.

I am comfortable modeling in most clothing, as my job is to play a role, and become the person a photographer wants me to be, even if temporarily. Sometimes I may wear a dress I would ordinarily consider too flashy or "skanky" but for a photo, the supervamp version of me can dress how she would like. Or the 80's jacket or puffy prom dress may be silly for my everyday self, but for a photo they make a big splash of color. On occasion a I do fashion photos and am dressed in a hip and ideal outfit for some of the facets of the real me. One day I will learn to shop accordingly so the real me can look how she would like to, but I have this stumbling block in my way called "clothing lines" which is complicated with my "abhorrence of loud music in clothing stores."

Today was one of the days where I attempted to improve my personal and shoot wardrobe. I am not convinced this was accomplished, but I came away from the shops with the sun lower in the sky, a throbbing headache and some clothing items for during shoots. At least I have the right work clothes - my uncovered nude form.

I leave you with some photos of the unadorned natural world.

La Perouse

San Antonio

Outside of Sydney

San Antonio

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