Thursday, December 18, 2014

Crotchless Panties vs Pubic Hair Underwear

Crotchless panties. I often talk about my pubic hair underwear, the underwear I always wear, down there. These everyday panties protect pretty much all of my lower girl parts except for the part that most needs protection - the opening between my labia lips. Clearly any occasion I claim not to need underwear because, “I wear pubic hair underwear,” (translation: I do not shave my pubic hair), I am joking. The real reason for not wearing underwear is to avoid panty lines for my photo shoots. I have grown accustomed to not wearing undergarments and choose to go commando even on days without shoots. However, when I wear short dresses and ride on public transportation, I make an exception and wear underwear for my own protection. All of my skirts are long enough to cover under my bottom when seated, but in the event of them riding up, I could may end up with my lady bits directly on a subway seat and this is not an option. 

So crotchless panties - sexy, right? You wear a bit of clothing to give the illusion of being covered up, but, bam! Your coveted girl parts are not covered at all. You are all open and vulnerable or available. I don't know what you are, but this fashion is not often attractive. Sheer panties, show a hint of what is underneath, or small panties simultaneously cover and leave some surprise. But furry bits which hang out between two bits of fabric is less than attractive, and a shaved vagina bookended by useless fabric is in your face vulgar. This all has a time  and place, a dose of vulgarity is part of a balanced lifestyle, but does not make the style “pretty.”

I recently shot in a lacy outfit given to me by a photographer - nipples visible through a bit of the fabric, but wide open where the most intimate of parts sit. I enjoy wearing cheap, cheesy wardrobe once or twice as intended prior to dismantling and discovering new uses for a less than perfect piece of clothing. The first shoot I dutifully dressed as demonstrated on the package, then pocketed the now tainted-by-Keira-crotch lingerie for my next shoot (there is nothing wrong with my body but as general policy, wardrobe which touches a model’s genitals is not to be worn by another model afterwards). This was a cheap bit of lingerie, and by the second use, the panties came loose from the top part of this outfit. Modifying the top as well, I suddenly had a new outfit.

Years ago I heard about Wicked Weasel Bikinis in Australia and always marveled at how a woman is supposed to tuck their bits under the ribbon of fabric that they call a g-string, or hide a nipple under the minuscule triangle of a “bra top.” Anyone with any sort of pubic hair would find their attempt at hiding hairs under the bikinis to be futile, but I did have a go at this on my second Australian trip before scolding myself for being hopelessly daft. However, now I had the lacy equivalent in my hand. I stretched this pair of panties over my chest into a bikini top suitable for laughter, and a few photos. Determined to find another use for these panties, I transformed them into a sort of collar that would go well with a white shirt underneath. And finally, with two triangles, I had myself a lacy mask. So these “useless” panties came to have not just one purpose but were worn as four completely different pieces of clothing by one girl who holds the job of being pretty, and not brainy. Okay crotchless panties, I now shed my criticism as you are truly a pocket-size multi-use item. I know what I will be buying as stocking stuffers for my friends and family this weekend.

All photographs by E-Digital Fantasies
Edited by me

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