Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sugar sex kitten

Much better than a Dunkin' Donut
Photographed by Warren Hukill

I ate a donut, which means I’ll probably have a sugar crash. This quickly consumed fluff of sugar and fat was cold and a little stale – a Dunkin' Donut from a stand in the Stamford Connecticut train station. Most of my low quality, high in sugar impulse buys are when there are no other options and I am faced with enough hunger to not think my ideas through. I know I am a bit hungry, my brain wants to be fed, and my eyes see a stand with shiny donuts, and nothing else. I have been conditioned to think donuts are delicious, most people think sweets look appealing, our bodies know sugar is sweet and can provide a quick energy rush. Yet every time faced with this predicament, I hear my mind proclaiming, “donuts may be delicious but stale, train station ones are not worth the sugar and calories,” and usually resist the urge to stroll up and exchange a dollar for fleeting contentment. Those who know me may be aghast to read about my consumption of a fast food chain dessert, as I usually whine about not supporting huge fast food chains, but when the options are slim, and my thinking hindered, I do not always make the right choices.

The train rolls back to Manhattan, quickly passing from Stamford to the city, and my stomach grumbles, now poked with a sugar stick and reminded of its existence. As is the norm, my NYC trip has taken me to Connecticut yesterday, and today as well, and the next week and a half will be punctuated by rides to New Jersey and Long Island.  My half day involved rolling around nude on a hardwood floor, putting on heels and confining myself to the undercarriage of a coffee table, removing my shoes and posing on top of the table in a more orderly fashion, running outside with boots to take the snow photos that I do not do, donning crotch-less stripper wear and glamming up my face, and rolling around on a bed, once again nude. I have known this photographer a handful of years and my ability to go from the girl who wears plastic bags around her socks and feet to stay warm while trudging through the snow, to dolled up “sex kitten” for a shoot came as a bit of surprise. Photos to come eventually.

Third Floor Productions
"sex kitten"


  1. I think you can pull off just about any look! :)

  2. You were at the Stamford Station and didn't let me know? On the other hand, you have graced a station I have frequented for too many years in ways it has never been graced before. Bless you, Keira, you truly are "The Incomparable."

    1. Sam, next time I come to town you need to be a reason for my arrival at the Stamford Station! :)