Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Technology Meltdown

Nothing Ever Happens
Not True

I had a technology meltdown. My phone thought 24% battery life was equal to zero, and would power off without warning. My computer was a clunky brick the entire time owned, but functioned smoothly until a phase of the "pinwheel of death" when replacement was approaching. My computer must have learned she was soon to be set aside, and decided to leave my life on her own volition, so for a week and a half before my new, lightweight Mac arrived in the mail, I was without a computer. While I don't need much when modeling, in order to actually set up my schedule I have to spend at least three times as many hours on the computer as every hour worked, and my iphone works but not efficiently. Emails have piled up, and I far fewer people know I am now on a work trip than should have, but at least now I have a replacement computer.

My now deceased computer is dismantled, and the hard drive encased to use as an external drive with this new one. (I felt special going to the technology store, buying the enclosure kit and extracting my hard drive, thus proving I can be a little bit handy.) The main frame of the machine will eventually be part of a conceptual photo series or video.

I am currently in NYC and will be here until February 3, when I will be available in Philadelphia, Washington DC and Baltimore. These photos are from my summer walks in the city, and edited on my plane from Houston to NYC thanks to the portableness of my Macbook Air.

City Boat

Industrial Shadows

Williamsburg Bridge

In Brooklyn

Train Station near Woodstock, NY

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