Friday, March 26, 2010

You can't go back

You can't go back
Not to the way things were
Memories may be warm
But something amiss
So we forge on
and embrace the new
the here
the now

Once again I have returned to Dallas for a few days to say goodbye before my journey, even if I have already left. My storage center is half empty, my car overflowing. I have more clothes than a nude model should ever need in there. Finally my master's diploma will head my way, and when I go to the east coast and back again, the piece of paper proving that I completed something big and real will be waiting for me in my new Texas "home."

Photo by Adam Moon. Unfortunately my last trip to Pensacola was much to cold to do anything besides play poker and drink coffee. I'll have to wait until summer to create more beautiful images with him.

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