Saturday, November 6, 2010

City Arrest

Photographed by Depth of Life
Little Rock, Arkansas - July 2010

I am tempted to always be on the go. Heading to one state to shoot, then another, shooting here and there, and never really staying up in one place for very long. I now know so many great artists and people around the country, and the only way to see them again is to travel some more. But there are reasons why people in typically scheduled jobs stay home some weekends, a reason I seemed to have neglected - sometimes we need time to deal with those pesky chores (preparing for other travel, doctors, banks, paperwork).

My back has been giving me hell on and off this past six months. My plane ride exacerbated it. Sitting on a chair like a normal person (I've figured out bizarre ways to sit) hurts after only an hour, so I imagine driving cannot be good. Having recently decided to reduce my driving trip this next week, I now find myself confining myself to Houston for a full 8 days before setting off to San Francisco and Argentina (I have a sort trip before then of course). This self inflicted house arrest (or city arrest) will be a beneficial thing to my own affairs and my back's heath, as much as I would prefer to be all over the map for a few additional days.


  1. The photo is fantastic. I don't understand how people can stand long haul flights. Bad for body and mind.

  2. Sorry to hear about your back. Flying, sitting still & then lifting bags & other heavy objects, walking running the stress of traveling can be hell in the best of circumstances.

    I enjoy you blog, you write well & are a great artist. Thanks!