Saturday, July 9, 2011


Photographed by Sean Bolt
Atlanta, GA - July 2011

The other day I was treated to shooting locations that blew me away. Sean Bolt had been away from the artistic side of his photography business for a while and lined up some amazing locations and ideas to shoot with me when I came to town. The classic barber shop we had to ourselves for an hour of nude shooting just goes to show that sometimes looking into a good location and asking for permission pays off. His request to shoot in two barbershops were declined, but on the third place he approached, he was granted full run of the place while the owners went on lunch break. This was in the heart of the south, too.

Sean had great connections with a wonderful restaurant down the street from the barber shop and his friends graciously allowed us to use the restaurant before it was open. He also invited friends to come to part of the photo session, and I was finally in a photo series where I was the one nude person amongst a group of clothed people. I had long wanted to do this sort of thing.
I am thrilled with the experience and the results.

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