Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Photographed by Kevin Stiles
CT - September 2011

I ordered a cup of coffee at a corner store in not the nicest of Brooklyn areas. I was asked, "regular?" and said yes. When a cup of cream, sugar and coffee was handed back to me I told them to fix it. "You said 'regular,'...everything regular has sugar in it," the guy at the counter told me with disdain. I had to bite my tongue.

The second and third photo here looks rather normal, but what you cannot tell is that I am wedged between two large rocks and leaning upside down. Getting to come up with wacky ways to integrate myself in nature for photographs is very much a thrill to me. The bee that came buzzing around me while stuck in this position, however, was as unwanted as the sugar put in my coffee earlier today. :)


  1. thank you, keira...
    you know you made my day by posting our work together. and i love the story which accompanies the images as well - awesome sauce, my friend...
    - kevin

  2. LOL Coffee can't get just coffee anymore, I bought my Keruig and have been happy ever since. LOL

  3. I'm having a hard time with the perspective inthe second on. Is that wedge on a cliffside? If so, how far was the drop below?

  4. Perspective: This one is a difficult one. I am wedged leaning slightly downward with my upper torso and head. The photographer is above and shooting from closer to my crotch level. (Yeah...it is somewhat difficult to explain)