Friday, September 30, 2011


Caged - Scan of Wet Plate
Photographed by Marcus Ranum
Middle of Nowhere, PA - August 2011

After a full weekend of shooting at the Nudes In Nature workshop in the Maryland area and a few too many encounters with allergens, I am officially exhausted. I was also modeling for hours in my dreams last night, which seemed a little bit unfair of a way to "rest."

Between a damp and moldy hotel room, shooting in a bin of moldy corn cobs (but the location was really cool looking!) and a friend who encouraged me to eat a hot sauce at a Peruvian restaurant that had peanuts in it (he promised me it was peanut free as I asked him repeatedly), my immune system is not very happy.

I spent yesterday with my favorite dentist in Asheville, doing absolutely nothing that resembled work.


  1. Oh, jeez! I can relate with you. Not a month ago, I decided to try out a different shampoo and conditioner and found out the hard way that I was allergic to it. A rash broke out all over my back, shoulders, chest and legs (and anywhere the stuff came in contact with me). I spent quite a few sleepless nights while taking steroids I was prescribed by the doctors - as they gave me insomnia - and trying to operate during the day. So, my immune system was as happy as yours right now.

    My sympathies totally. Hope you catch up with sleep and feel better soon.

  2. Being allergic to yourself (or, something on yourself) is the worst!

    Thanks for the sympathy.