Thursday, September 20, 2012

Central Park

Tomorrow morning I will be modeling in Central Park. Please do not tell the police.
While toplessness is legal in NYC, being completely nude is not, but with a handy dress that goes on and off quickly, a pair of panties I can claim I was wearing if need be, and a bit of stealth, I think the photographer and I will get away with this. Last time the two of us shot together, I was naked on the Brooklyn Bridge.

 Photographed by Andrew Kaiser
Sauvie Island, Portland, Oregon - Summer 2012

I awoke today about 30 minutes prior to my alarm, which was a glorious way to begin the day. I also felt miraculously rested. Of course this faded and I am currently running on my second cup of coffee as I have a late night shoot planned (ought to be low key and experimental as shoots with MC tend to be). I was in New Jersey for the entirety of the day, shooting in Greg Price's studio for the first time ever (he's known for throwing huge workshops with an abundance of photographers and models running around with various amounts of nakedness and a vast array of cameras), then modeling in my friend's home for a few hours. I have safely returned from that state (the state of New Jersey that is, although the state of disarray might also apply) and am ready to fuel up with sushi then carry on with my last portion of my NYC trip. By tomorrow at noon I'll be on my way to Boston. This week has flashed by.

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  1. The head shot is simple and beautiful. I love the intensity of your direct-to-the-camera look.