Sunday, September 2, 2012


Models: Marcus and Keira
Photographed by Marcus Ranum
Morrisdale, PA - Summer 2012

A month has passed and I have not stopped by here to write. Shame on me. I shall bend myself over for penance. I have been posting more in tumblr than here, as I feel people are more drawn to the endless stream of images than sitting down and reading the words nimbly typed out by a mere model. I enjoy sharing my images on that site, and always hope to see images of mine reblogged by someone with great exposure, but something in me has a little disappointed in the effects tumblr. Images which may have taken great effort to create are lined up and scrolled through like pages in a cartoon flip-book. 

Edinburgh, Scotland

Photographed by MC Film

These are my two most "popular" or "liked" photos on tumblr. One would have to be blind not to notice the common theme. 


  1. tumblr has very diffident audience... i've never had any client from tumlr.
    ps. such a wild images of you, im surprised :)

  2. Yes, the audience at tumblr is not so necessarily art seekers, although there are some gorgeous images there, too.
    And yes again, I'm a bit more all over the place in my artistic, creative and personal styles than many seem to understand.